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  • Lectures 35
  • Test 2
  • Duration 70 hours
  • Skill level Beginner
  • Projects 2
  • Assessments Yes
Course Description

This course introduces the student to object-oriented programming through a study of the concepts of program specification and design, algorithm development, and coding and testing using a modern software development environment. Students learn how to write programs in an object-oriented high level programming language. Topics covered include fundamentals of algorithms, flowcharts, problem solving, programming concepts, classes and methods, control structures, arrays, and strings. Throughout the semester, problem solving skills will be stressed and applied to solving computing problems. Weekly laboratory experiments will provide hands-on experience in topics covered in this course.



Learning Outcomes
  • Programming principles & Elementary programming
  • Compile & debug programs in C language
  • Different data types in a computer program
  • An Advanced Java Tutorial aimed towards the Developer Who Already has Learned the Fundamentals of Java Programming.
  • The basics of computer programming
  • Structure of a C++ program
  • Programs involving decision structures, loops & functions
  • Objects & member functions of a class
  • Functions, pointers, and arrays, function overloading, inheritance, polymorphism Conditional constructs Exception handling


  • First Module
    • Session 1.Programming Using C
      30 HRS
    • Real Time Project using JAVA
  • Second Module
    • Session 1.Object Oriented Programming with C++
      40 HRS
    • Real Time Project using C++

C And C++ Student FeedBack


Impetus provide me the good programming skills and here teaching staff is good and very friendly.....!thank you impetus consultrainers


My experience here at Impetus was very good.The teaching faculty here is very good covering all the concepts of the existing technology where you get hands on practical experience with multiple tests that are held on weekly basis.The course material provided here is also very good with co-operative staff and healthy environment.The project after every course completion helps to boost your confidence !!