Gym Workout App Android

Project Description

In the fast paced life where everyone wants to live a luxurious life,nobody manages to get enough time for their health and fitness.But to inspire the tech enthusiast generation to bring their body in perfect shape, and be fitness aware we have created the android app which can help the young as well as old generation to understand the gym workouts ,and how to do them in proper way.

This app includes workouts for those who go to gym as well as for those who intend to do the exercise at their home with or without the accessories .This app helps them to understand various exercises to them and with proper instructions of positioning and security measures while working out. An organized app gives them proper instructions and help while working out ,so that they can build their physique and understand things without instructors help.As app itself contains data properly designed by the top notch gym instructors and trainers.

Project Members

  • Ajay Gawade
  • Kedar Mayekar

Technology Used

  • Android App Development
    • Style and Themes
    • List

  • Programming Language: Java
  • Database: SQL Lite

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