Project Description

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless Application can be used to find and help women in emergency. In recent time it’s been identified lots of misbehaving activity in urban and rural part of our country.

With the rapid growth of Android user and cheaper internet cost we can provide a simple medium to create safety awareness among the working and professional women of young and teen age.

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless Application can show you exact location of the women in help to her relatives, guardian and friends along with the specific location, where you can go and help it.

Nirbhaya: Be Fearless Application system offers the added protection of being track by relatives on different time interval and different location. In the addition to this family, parents can easily track and monitor their children.

As every girl has mobile phones and rarely put them down lots of families and professionals are waking up to the many benefits of the Women Safety Application.

Technology Used

  • Android App Development
    • Google Map
    • Sensor
    • Style and Themes

  • Location Service
  • Service
  • Email
  • SMS
  • Programming Language: Java
  • Database: SQL Lite

Project Members

  • Maheshwari Reddy

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